Expertise and opinions from the titans of industry.
Featured Attendees

Ben Bator
Co-Founder, Texts From Last Night

TFLN is a regularly updated blog that re-posts short text messages submitted by its users. The site gets about 4 million hits per day, and it tends to post texts that are shocking or scandalous. The texts are sent in by people who wake in the morning "to find regrettable messages sent to or from their mobile phones."

Scott Belsky
Founder/CEO, Behance

Scott Belsky is the founder and CEO of Behance, a company on a mission to organize the creative world. Behance oversees, Action Method, and The 99% think tank and conference. Scott is also the author of Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision & Reality.

Deanna Brown
President, Federated Media

Deanna is a seasoned media executive and has more than 20 years of experience ranging from entrepreneur to Fortune 500 executive. In 1995 she co-founded CondeNet, held VP and General Manager titles at Yahoo and AOL and founded other successful media companies including Powerful Media/ (acquired by Primedia) and Gaming Industry News (acquired by Ziff Davis).

Bobby Chang
Co-Founder, Incase

Before co-founding Incase, Bobby worked at Nike's brand/image group. Incase designs create product solutions for consumer electronics, including notable Apple products.

Michael Chasen
Founder & CEO, Blackboard

As CEO of the world's largest education software company, Michael oversees a public company with more than 1,000 employee and $330 million in yearly revenue.

Jared Cohen
U.S. State Department

Jared is a non-fiction author and member of the Secretary of State's Policy Planning Staff. He focuses on counter-terrorism, counter-radicalization, Technology and Innovation. Jared co-chaired the Haiti Task Force and in June 2009 was responsible for helping keep twitter operational during the Iranian election.

John Fahey
President & CEO, National Geographic

John leads the entire National Geographic brand, including the National Geographic Magazine and the National Geographic Channel, currently airing in more than 315 million homes.

Ted Leonsis
Owner Washington Capitals & Wizards

In addition to being one of the most popular owners in professional sports, Ted is also Vice Chairman Emiritus at AOL, a passionate philanthropist and an investor in Revolution Money, Groupon and Clearspring.

Alfred Lin
COO & CFO, Zappos

A 365-day return policy, free shipping both ways and culture documents that encourage employees to be a little weird, Zappos is respected for its best in class customer service and unparalleled company culture. In 2009, Zappos was sold to for $1.2 Billion.

Ray McGuire
Global Head of Investment Banking, Citigroup

As the global head of investment banking at the world's largest bank, Ray has handled a number of high profile deals including Koch industry's $13.2 billion take over of Georgia-Pacific and AT&T's $86 billion acquisition of BellSouth.

Hugh Panero
Founder, XM Satellite Radio

Sean Parker
Managing Partner, Founder's Fund; Co-Founder, Napster

Most noted for transforming the music industry and online file sharing, Sean was also the Founding President of Facebook and Co-Founder of Causes.

Shervin Pishevar
Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

Shervin is a visionary technology entrepreneur, published researcher and technology incubation expert. He has raised nearly $40m in venture funding for his start ups; He the founder and Excutive Chairman of SGN, one of the leading social and mobile gaming companies, with over 11 million users on the iPhone with title such as iBowl, iBasketball, i(fluff) friends, and Agency Wars. He was the founding President and COO of Webs (formerly Freewebs), one of the largest social publishing communities in the world.

Philip Rosedale
Creator, Second Life

Second Life is the Internet's largest user-created 3D virtual world with more than 18 million registered users. In recognition of his creation, Time Magazine named Philip one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2007.

David Rubenstein
Co-Founder & Managing Director, The Carlyle Group

David oversees one of the largest private equity investment firm with nearly $85 Billion under management. Carlyle's portfolio companies employ more than 415,000 people worldwide.

Chris Sacca
Venture Investor

Chris is a venture investor and and private equity principal whose investments include Twitter, Posterous, and Gowalla. Chris is passionate about Charity: Water and Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Foundation. Previously, Chris worked at Google where he served as Head of Special Initiatives.

Russell Simmons

Russell co-founded the pioneering hip-hop label Def Jam, launching artists such as Run DMC, the Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, and Public Enemy. He is the creator of the clothing fashion lines Phat Farm, Argyleculture, and American Classics, the creator of Def Jam Poetry, and the founder of, among many others.

Tom Scott
Co-Founder Nantucket Nectars, Chairman Plum TV

Tom went from being a juiceprenuer to a mediaprenuer. After turning his kitchen concoction into a multimillion-dollar juice enterprise, he founded Plum TV. Under his leadership, Plumb has grown from a single channel in Nantucket to a network of 8 local television channels and websites reaching more than 16.4 million people a year.

Brendan Synnott
Co-Founder, Bear Naked; Executive Director, First Descents

In 2009, Brendan appeared on the TV show Survivor. He is a board member of First Descents, an organization that promotes healing through outdoor adventures for young adults with cancer. In 2007, Brendan sold his company, Bear Naked, to Kellogg for $122 million.

Ricky Van Veen
Co-Founder, College Humor, BustedTees, Vimeo and Notional

Although Ricky and Josh are known for great company culture, they have also created three immensely successful brands.

Yossi Vardi
International Entrepreneur

Known as the 'Godfather of Israeli Tech,' Yossi has helped more than 40 startups see the light of day. He's also a strategic advisor to Amazon and AOL, and a venture partner of Pitango, one of Israel's largest VC funds.

Carla Zilka
Founder, NexGen Advisors

Carla is an internationally recognized expert in corporate restructuring, who is currently working with Deutsche Bank and the largest renewable energy PE Fund in the world. She is the author of "Business Restructuring: An Action Template For Reducing Cost and Growing Profit."

Lessons Learned Building Google and Twitter

  • Chris Sacca, Venture Investor
Closing Bell

Positioning your company for sale and growth

  • Alfred Lin, COO & CFO, Zappos
  • Ray McGuire, Global Head Investment Banking, Citigroup
  • Gurbaksh Chahal, Founder & CEO, GWallet
My Story

  • Russell Simmons, Entrepreneur
Creating Great Company Culture

A new workplace for a new generation

  • Ricky Van Veen, Co-Founder: College Humor, Vimeo, Busted Tees and Notional
  • Alfred Lin, COO & CFO, Zappos
Angel Advice

Building a successful start up for growth and sale

  • Yossi Vardi, International Entrepreneur
Going Public

Advice on taking your company public

  • Michael Chasen, Founder & CEO, Blackboard
My Story

  • Tom Scott, Co-Founder Nantucket Nectars, Chairman Plum TV
From Social to Personal

Evolutionary Trends on the Web

  • Amit Kapur, Founder, Gravity; Former COO, Myspace
Insights For Execution in a Creative World

  • Scott Belsky, Founder/CEO, Behance
Town Square 2.0

The revolution in commerce, community and communication

  • Sean Parker, Co-founder, Napster; Founding President Facebook
Understanding the Global Economy

Thoughts from the founder of the world's largest private equity firm

  • David Rubenstein, Co-Founder & Managing Director, The Carlyle Group
  • Moderator: Mark Ein, Founder & CEO, Venturehouse Group
Social Marketing

Why word of click, is the new word of mouth

  • Ryan Allis, Founder and CEO iContact
  • Rahim Fazal, Co-Founder, CEO Involver
  • Ethan Bloch, Co-Founder and CEO, Flowtown
  • Joel Holland, Founder and CEO, Footage Firm
Winning With Fire!

How to build a successful team

  • Mark Cuban, Owner, Dallas Mavericks, Founder, HDNet
  • Ted Leonsis, Owner: Washington Capitols & Washington Wizards, Co-Founder, AOL
Corporate Metamorphosis (breakout discussion)

An action template to reducing cost and growing profit

  • Carla Zilka, Founder, NexGen Advisors
Cannabisness and the Politics of Marijuana

Exploring one of the hottest emerging business and political issues of our time

  • Micah Daigle, Students for Sensible Drug Policy
  • Troy Dayton, CEO, Harborside Ventures
  • Steve DeAngelo, executive director, Harborside Health Center & partner, Cannbe
  • Robert Jacob, executive director, Peace In Medicine & partner, Cannbe